Word Play! Write Your Own Crazy Comics

Sometimes kids have trouble writing their own ideas, but putting words in someone else's mouth--now that's just funny! Using the format of comic book pages, this book has 62 pages of silly scenarios just waiting for your student to fill in the blank bubbles. Stories are 1-2 pages and have 3-5 black & white comic panels each. The characters are there, but the speech bubbles are blank! Your child gets to come up with the dialogue. Some topics include sports, computers, dining, monsters, a princess and music. You could have kids use their weekly spelling words in a story. Or have one child start a story and pass it to another child to finish. Read them aloud, and then have kids color the page with markers like a real comic book. Use this for variety when working on handwriting. Choose a letter and see how many words they can work into their story starting with that letter. Post the pages on the wall and see if your student can make a very silly comic book from the random topics given! Use your friends and family as characters in the story. These are sure to be one of those "this doesn't feel like work" activities. pb ~ Sara

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