Days of Decision

It is impossible to recall momentous occasions in human history without bringing forth images of their associated leaders, both great and terrible. Each book in this series seeks to take the modern reader back in time, understanding the contemporary significance of their many significant and controversial acts. The overall focus of each book is to engage the reader by taking them chronologically through the life of a leader and noteworthy events they faced or even caused-The Battle of Britain for Churchill, Ghandi's movement for Indian freedom, Hitler's approval of Kristallnacht, and more. 

Each book begins with an introduction to the leader in question, gradually walking through his life before branching into an in-depth overview of significant people and details related to the event in question. Aiding in this effort are primary sources to help put the event in context-quotes from contemporary individuals, historians, and the main figure himself-and photographs which highlight important incidents throughout the time period. The leaders themselves are also discussed, highlighted by their decisions, influence over the course of events, and even quotes to help put their role in perspective. This unique interleaving of conflict and character is superb for providing both context and detail for the historic events that shape our world, especially for young readers. 64 pp, sc.

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