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Something I always look for in our foreign language materials is some good pronunciation guidance. This can be on an audio CD or in print with some good phonetic help. This book's introduction explains the differences between certain sounds in English and those in the target language; helps you with vowels and accent marks; and gives you some really good coaching to start pronouncing words correctly. Students are expected to carry this guidance over into the actual dictionary portion of the book. Colorful pictures are grouped by topic such as family, body parts, feelings, household, food, animals, colors, sports and lots more. An index in both languages is helpful when using this book as a resource, but you can easily flip through it and find what you need as well. The photo-realistic and animated illustrations make you want to peruse the whole book! It is really pretty! Barron's has a way of making challenging material so user friendly that they are one of my favorite's for foreign language resources. Make sure students are applying the pronunciation helps at the front of the book and this will be a valuable addition to your elementary and middle school French and Spanish learning! 126pp, pb. ~ Sara

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