Crafty Creations Baking Kits

Give a child a cookie, and she'll have a treat for a day, teach a child to make cookies...and you'll have delicious treats around the house for the rest of your life! These adorable kits contain all the tools and recipes your child needs to fashion delectable treats - candy, cookies, or pies. Children are also encouraged to gift their creations to friends and family as each kit contains gift bags/boxes. The ingredients themselves are not included, but everything else is housed in a handy storage box. The Candy set has 21 different items including 7 silicone molds, spatula, offset spatula, tongs, pastry bags, kabob sticks, paper sticks, food bags, decorative bags, boxes, ribbon, and more for 274 total pieces. The Cookie set contains over 119 pieces, 23 different items including spatulas, cookie cutters, rolling mat, tongs, pastry brush, cooling racks, dough scoop, recipes, pastry bags, icing tips, and more. The Mini-Pie set includes recipes for 8 pies and 3 crusts and has all the tools needed for success including a roller, mat, pastry cutter, pastry brush, pie tins, pie presses, tart liners, and more. A great gift for your little baker, or a great kit so your little baker can give great gifts! ~ Megan

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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