PAF Reading Series

  Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) reading series is getting a bit of a face lift. The program has long incorporated the Merrill Readers, but some of them have gone out of print. The authors of the PAF Reading Program have developed phonetic readers, skills books, and teacher guides for the readers to take the place of Merrill. The skills books and teacher guides are spiral bound for ease of use, and correspond to the new PAF readers.  Each decodable reader is bright and colorful, and engaging for young readers. Pair these up with the PAF teaching handbook for a complete phonics, reading, spelling, and handwriting curriculum. The PAF Teacher Handbook still references the Merrill Readers, but will be rewritten to incorporate the PAF readers and Skills Books. For the time being, there is a page at the back of the Teacher Handbook that offers a scope and sequence for using the new PAF readers and skills books. If you are unsure of where to begin, you can use the placement guide that is available at the publisher's website under free downloads. PAF is a thorough phonics program and the PAF readers and skills books make the program even easier to use.

  The Step-by-Step Skills Book is your starting point and is used for those who are non-readers. This book is used with levels 1-16 of the PAF program and covers short a, c, t, d, g, s, f, m, p, l, h, n, capital A, I, and N, and the plural s. The handwriting style is traditional ball and stick with wider line spacing for developmentally-appropriate practice.

  Books are completed in order - Book 1, Pals; Book 2, Fun in the Sun; Book 3, Let's Go!; Book 4, Camp Hilltop; Book 5, Stand By Me; Book 6, Are We There Yet? The readers are chapter books, and each chapter is labeled for the corresponding lesson in the teacher guide. Each reader covers specific phonemes and skills, which is why you will want to complete them sequentially - this will prevent gaps in laying the reading foundation. Skills Book pages are also labeled with the corresponding lesson number. Exercises in the Skills Books include handwriting practice, reading passages, matching, and much more. Children will love the simplicity of the Skills Books. The teacher guides for the readers are also divided into sections and include the full content of each book. Blue boxes next to the text contain prompts for discussion and include possible answers. Occasionally, there is an oval word at the top of the page informing you the word has not yet been taught. Questions such as time sequence, problem solving, cause & effect, and recalling details are some of the comprehension skills learned in the series with the use of the teacher guides.

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