Weekly Lesson Plan Books

There are many excellent features in these plan books, and the inexpensive price is just an added bonus! First of all, they utilize a landscape (sideways) orientation, making the week’s layout an super-wide 8.5” x 22”. The coil binding allows the book to lay flat, and the green ink on white paper is easy on the eyes. Both versions have 43 sets of weekly pages and the same “extras” – info page, calendar of events, substitute teacher info, schedule, make-up work note page, seating charts, and student information. Both have the days (M-F) on the left from top to bottom with places to record duties/meetings, objectives, procedures, and assignments. The 7-Period format book is unlined with seven subject columns. The Flexible format book is lined with 16 subject columns - these are narrow, but they are separated by dotted lines allowing you to combine columns if necessary. Janice

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