Abeka Phonics & Language Arts 2

Frankly, to use this program solely as a 2nd Grade phonics/reading program will be difficult, as the phonics concepts are so thoroughly integrated with reading skills and general language arts. If doing so, you will need:

  • Language Arts 2 Curriculum/Lessons Plans
  • Phonics and Language 2 (both parent and student)
  • Phonics and Language 2 Tests (both student and answer key)Handbook for Reading

For the complete Grade 2 Language Arts you will need to add the Reading Program (11 Readers plus the Reading 2 Answer Key and Comprehension 2 Skill Sheets and Answer Key), Writing with Phonics 2 (cursive or manuscript), 2nd Grade Writing Tablet, and Spelling & Poetry 1.

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Grades: 2
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