Kingfisher Pictorial History Atlases

These fact-filled pictorial guides will give you a global view of what was going on in the world at different times in history. Each book is packed with full-color maps divided into sections that cover different areas of the world during the specified time period. Cities, rivers, and countries are labeled on the 2-page maps with detailed, full-color drawings and photographs of important people, events, landmarks, artifacts, and more scattered around, inviting readers to visually browse each era. Captions linked to these images on the map share historical information about happenings and then additional introductions and text pages provide more fascinating facts specific to each period. Readers will learn general details about life in each age, with specific information about daily life, important inventions, battles, people, disasters, and other events. The main atlas pages contain timeline tabs along the right side of the page, which highlight significant events in each area's past. 48 pgs each, hc. ~ Rachel

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