Harvey's Elementary Grammar Workbooks

For decades Harvey's Grammar was the standard in America's schools and the Classical Writing program thinks it was a good standard - though perhaps in need of some twenty-first century user-friendliness. Their workbooks provide that easy-to-use format. Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition is divided into 134 sections each representing a lesson and organized into three parts. Workbook Part 1 corresponds to the 48 sections of the first part of Harvey's. Workbook Part 2 corresponds to sections 49 - 123 or part two of Harvey's. Part three of Harvey's is eleven sections on punctuation which is included in both workbooks. These workbooks are written using the exercises and directions from the 1880 edition of Harvey's Elementary Grammar with very few language alterations but updated punctuation. More modern editions of Harvey's can be used with the workbooks although there will be a few discrepancies since some exercises were altered or skipped in modern editions.

For each lesson, the student and teacher are expected to read the Harvey's text together with the student demonstrating his understanding. The workbook can then be used to complete the exercises (lots of writing space provided) which are reproduced from the text. Each workbook lesson includes a list of grammar terms that the student records in a Grammar Notebook (bound composition or spiral-bound notebook) building a reference and review help. Answer Keys are extremely valuable providing parsing sequences, completed sentence diagrams, and answers to all exercises.

The Classical Writing courses assign outside grammar work from Harvey's and these workbooks make assignment completion easier (not to mention making teacher grading/checking much easier). Workbook Part 1 includes assignments from Classical Writing's Homer A & B as well as Aesop and Homer; Workbook Part 2 includes assignments from Diogenes: Maxim and Diogenes: Chreia. Please note, however, that the CW assignments do not follow the same order that Harvey's and these workbooks do so students will skip around. Although either Harvey's Elementary Grammar or Harvey's Revised Grammar can be used with the Classical Writing program, these workbooks only correspond to Elementary Grammar. Each 88 pgs (except for Part 1 answer key - 65 pgs) pb ~ Janice

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