Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 (2nd Ed.)

Updated with fresh content and graphics, Exploring Creation with Zoology provides a wonderful introduction to the “flying creatures of the fifth day”. Beginning with an introduction to zoology, the classification system and nature journals, the book covers a wide range of insects, butterflies, beetles, bugs, birds, and bats. An introduction to paleontology and the pterosaurs is also included. The text contains fourteen chapters that explain scientific concepts thoroughly using a conversational tone. Scattered throughout the chapters are “Explain This” and “Think About This” highlighted areas and end with “What Do You Remember” questions. Chapters include numerous hands-on activities from creating a nature journal, making a butterfly garden, observing insects, making a menagerie, studying air, and much more. Parental supervision is recommended for the activities. The Appendix includes a supply list for each lesson. Supplies use items that are easily sourced including scissors, art supplies, insect net, collection jar with magnifying lid, magnifying glass, mantid egg cases, different color clay, etc. We will be offering the Supply Kit from Nature’s Workshop once it is available for your convenience. Contact us for availability. Also included in the appendices are answer keys to the Do You Remember Questions, and some activities. Pacing for this one-year course is flexible to meet your student or family needs. Purchase of the Text includes access to the Book Extras site on the publisher’s website which offers additional links to learn more. Comparing the 2nd edition to the 1st edition shows similar concepts and textual information, with a significant improvement in the illustrations. Activities are also updated overall, and the chapters have been reorganized. Considering the numerous updates, the 2nd edition is not compatible with the 1st edition.

The optional, Notebooking Journal includes a suggested schedule, brief parent guide, coloring pages, reflection pages, pages to document activities, nature journal pages, “What Do You Remember” review questions, vocabulary review pages, and additional creativity pages. Non-reproducible. The Notebooking Journal is designed for all grade levels, however, helpful information to adapt it to younger students can be found on the publisher website in the Book Extras. Also available is the optional audio MP-3 CD which offers a reading of the Textbook by author Jeannie Fulbright. The MP3 CD is compatible with MP3 CD players and not a traditional CD player. ~Deanne

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