Build a Book for ___

These eye-catching books are a well-designed cross between an "about me" journal and a creative writing prompt book. Every colorful page just looks like plain fun to fill out, but among the neat illustrations and fun pages are valuable creative writing tips, engaging brainstorming ideas and enchanting story starters that students will use as a spring board to create their very own stories. Some of the pages differ slightly between the books, but most exercises are the same. One set of pages included in both books encourages students to create and name a superhero and use lots of "wow" adjectives to describe them. Think about what they are like and what their superpower is. The facing page asks students to incorporate their adjectives into a story that answers these questions: Who is he/she going to save? Who tries to stop him? How is he going to save the day? Does he succeed? Another page invites children to draw a secret map of an undiscovered island, and then use the details to write a story about the people that stumble upon it: Are they searching for something? Do they meet any mysterious characters? Is something hidden on the island? Other pages are stand-alone exercises such as designing a missing poster for the princess's missing puppy, including a description of him. Along the fun journey, students will learn about adjectives, developing characters, setting, descriptions using the senses, choosing good words, and the five main parts of a story. 7 blank pages at the end provide space for additional stories and story ideas. Sc, 47 pgs. - Steph

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