TOON Level 1 Giggle and Learn Series

Team beginner reading with colorful illustrations and fun (sometimes gross) facts, and the result is a series your little readers will ask for again and again! Comic books are trending when it comes to history and literature. Even Shakespeare has a graphic novel incarnation! This series capitalizes on the benefits of the format – high interest, visual cues – with science as the theme. Reluctant readers will eat them up as they learn to read with inflection and different voices. It can be like reading a play. Kids pick up on the visual nuances, anticipating what they will read. Level 1 is for the new reader, gr K-1, with 200-300 easy sight words, short sentences, and single frame on a page. Level 2 is for the emerging reader, gr 1-2, with 300-700 words, and 1-4 panels per page. Level 3 is for advanced beginners, gr 2-3, with long sentences, and chapter book comics. You can even get free lesson plans online! Hardcover. ~Sara

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