Nicole the Math Lady Saxon Math On-Demand Video Lessons

Need some help with Saxon Math? Nicole the Math Lady offers engaging support videos to go alongside Saxon lessons. You actually see Nicole with her whiteboard as she guides the student through the new concept. She follows the textbook and presents the lesson in a clear and concise format while using a very relatable and understandable style. She uses visual representation and sometimes even props to further explain a topic. When presenting the lesson, she works different examples than in the textbook. Her approachable personality makes math seem achievable even to the struggling student. Videos are available for Math 3 through Advanced Math (Homeschool Edition) and Intermediate 3 through Geometry (Classroom Edition).

With this membership, students can choose to do the daily lesson practice problems in the textbook or do original practice problems with Nicole. Her practice problems allow students to pause the video while they work the problem, then she walks the student through the answer. Her fun personality and amusing word problems make it appealing to kids.

After purchase, you’ll receive an email explaining how to set up your one-year membership. At this time, you’ll have the option to upgrade your account to include automated online grading. With automated online grading, students can check their answers in their system, receive immediate feedback on correct/incorrect answers, and rework incorrect problems. Automated online grading also allows you the parent to choose which practice sets your student sees, choose how many mixed practice problems they’ll see every day, and set up how many retries students can have for each problem. It also allows students to retake entire assignments, get video help with practice or test problems, receive a daily email report of your student’s assignments, and pull up your student’s year-to-date reports and calculate a grade with the raw data.

Download the Saxon Math Tutorials: Comparison Chart or the Visual Comparison.

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