U.S. History Detective

Continuing the successful "detective" series from The Critical Thinking Company, the U.S. History Detective books can be used as a supplement to any history program, as a review course, or as a stand-alone text. The goal of these texts is to encourage and develop critical thinking, analysis, and reading comprehension through the study of U.S. history. Book One covers the span from Colonial Times to the Reconstruction after the Civil War. Book Two covers the Gilded Age (late 1800s) until 2016. Each lesson includes an informative text where each sentence is clearly numbered for easy reference. Colorful pictures, maps and timelines illustrate the text throughout. The question section in each lesson requires students to support their answers with specific references back to the text (hence the numbered sentences). This helps students get into the practice of providing supporting evidence for answers rather than relying simply on recall information. The various questions in each lesson will give students the opportunity to make inferences and draw conclusions based on their evaluation of the text, distinguish between fact and opinion, understand historical chronology, expand their vocabulary, link history with geography, and practice answering analytical essay questions. There are 65 lessons grouped into 9 sections. There are also more than 20 reviews throughout the book and answers to all lessons and reviews are included. This is a consumable book and permission is given to make copies for home or classroom use. ~ Zach

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Grades: 8-12
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