Superhero Smart Start Blank lined Books

Your pencil is the superhero in these fun handwriting practice books! The blue bottom line is the “ground” marked with skyscrapers on the left side, the dashed line in the middle is red, and the gold topline is the “sky” marked with a lightning cloud. The colors and imagery of the lines help kids stay on target as they shape their letters and allow teachers to give fun instructions such as, “Start at the ground and fly up to the sky.” The K-1 grade books are in landscape format with 1.5” ruling (topline to topline), and the 1-2 grade books are in portrait format with 1” ruling. The journal books are fully lined with the encouraging message “Always do your best!” across the top, and the storybook ones have space for a drawing on the top half of the page and lines on the bottom half. Each book is 48 pgs, pb. ~Rachel E.

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Grades: 1-2
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