Easy Narrative Writing

This is the first book in the Easy Middle School Writing Series. From basic writing skills (starting with types and elements of sentences) and progressing through fable writing, point of view, plot, conflict, theme, outlines and summarizing, students will be led to the threshold of narrative writing. Students then step into narrative writing through rewrites of some well-known stories: "The Emperor's New Clothes," Benjamin Franklin's "Nothing is Useful which is Not Honest," and "Little Red Riding Hood." The emphasis here is not on creating original content but rather to master the techniques of effective narration. This book could be used as a one year course for beginner students, or a one semester text for more experienced writers. Students will need access to an MLA handbook, word processing software and a thesaurus to complete the assignments. The Student Book is consumable and reproducible for use within a single family. The Teacher's Edition is a reproduction of the student book with notes for the instructor on each of the assignments. These notes include descriptions of the learning objectives and-in many, though not all-optional assignments for younger and older students. Answers, or examples of possible answers, are given where appropriate. Each approx. 200 pp, sc.~ Zach

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