Canvas Board Art Box Set

"I am an artist dedicated to fulfilling this passion. My hope is to ignite the natural creative spirit in all of us."-Stephen Fishwick. And that he does! Stephen's style and artwork is energetic and loose using bold fluid strokes of color to create movement in his paintings. These kits make it easy for anyone to create dynamic wildlife masterpieces by starting with a pre-printed black & white undertone painting on each included canvas board. From there, apply your bold colors with a brush or fingertips and watch a beautiful masterpiece unfold as you apply each layer of color. The 5x7 sets include 2 canvas boards, 6 paints and 2 paintbrushes. For help, check out his website for tips on his method of painting. The 12x12 sets come with his instructional DVD explaining his revolutionary method of painting and step-by-step tips for painting on canvas from applying washes of color to lifting pigments to adding highlights and texture and more. The 12x12 sets include the DVD, 2 canvas boards, 10 paints and 3 paintbrushes. Relax, grab your paints and enjoy the process of painting on canvas - soon you'll have a master work of art! ~ Emily

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Item # 062613
Grades: 1-AD
Retail: $9.99
Our Price: $3.34
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