My Scissors Books

Using scissors takes practice for little hands. These books are meant to strengthen fine motor muscles, dexterity, concentration and self-control with purposeful exercises. Both books have a page to guide parents/teachers on safety rules: how to hold & cut with scissors. Obviously adults know this, but the information is helpful when explaining to a child. Remember, you didn't always know how to use scissors! My Very First Scissors Book includes cutting along wide black lines to start, then wavy lines, shapes & zigzags. A few blank pages in the back let you draw a design to cut out or just freestyle practice. My Very Own Scissors Book is the next step and includes some of the same pages but adds some coloring pages with letters and an illustration for the letter such as a duck with Dd inside and a dotted line to cut along around the duck. A picture is not included for every letter of the alphabet, but children are encouraged to come with the rest of their letters on their own. Both books can be used for stand-alone cutting practice or added to your Memoria Press Simply Classical readiness curriculum. Each has 53 perforated pp. ~ Sara

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