Spell to Write & Read Beginning Readers

In the SWR program a student will learn phonograms and spelling words before doing any story-reading. These small readers provide that first reading experience although the sentences are a bit more involved than a normal fist reader (i.e. sentences might have 8-13 words rather than the more typical 3-5). Including only words found in the WISE lists (Book 1 - Lists A-F; Book 2 - Lists A-H), each two-page spread provides a picture on the left-hand side and a series of sentences (from 3-7) on the right-hand side. Book 2 provides a twist. The series of sentences describe something that can be seen by the child beginning with "I see . . . " and ending with the statement "It is a _______." The backside of that page provides a picture-answer to the question.

Small, black and white, 20-page supplementary books for the Spell to Write and Read program that introduces the student to simple grammar and diagramming as well as providing reading practice and the opportunity to do some drawing. Each page provides a half-page box (for illustrations), a sentence, a fill-in-the-blank diagram, some teacher notes and a teacher-student instructive dialogue. These dialogues are the "heart" of this little publication: walking the student through finding the subject, verbs (Book 1) and prepositions (Book 2). The sentences are all taken from the WISE lists (Book 1 - Lists A-E; Book 2 - Lists A-H)

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