Spectrum Grade-Level Workbooks

Focused practice for math and language arts in one handy grade level workbook! These are compact enough that you can use them for after-school practice. Homeschoolers can use them as a checklist for grade-level concepts. All students can use these for test prep. Pages are colorful, but not too cluttered looking. Aligned to current state standards, you can view the publisher website to see the correlated Common Core standards for each lesson, if needed. Here are some highlights in each level -

Gr 1: add/sub to 100, 2D/3D shapes; place value/measure; grammar/usage/mechanics (GUM); reading comprehension.

Gr 2: add/sub 2 & 3 digit numbers; 3D shapes; fractions; measurement; GUM; reading comp.

Gr 3: add/sub to 4 digit numbers; mult/div; perim/area; graphs; GUM; fict/non-fict reading comp

Gr 4: fract/dec; classifying geom shapes; pre-alg; GUM; fict/non-fict reading comp

Gr 5: fract/dec; perim/area/vol; pre-alg; GUM; vocab/usage; fict/non-fict reading comp

Gr 6: equations/inequalities; coord plane; prob/stats; GUM; vocab/usage; fict/non-fict reading comp

Answers are in the back, each is about 320 pp, sc, and perforated pages. ~ Sara

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