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My kids thought it was big fun to have a lemonade stand when we were having a yard sale. It takes planning on their part. They have to talk to people and use their manners. They are keeping track of money. So many valuable skills in that one little lemonade stand! Here are some DIY kits that really bring out the principles involved in a business -and you never know what you may inspire! I opened up the Lemonade Stand set to have a look. Included in the box is a big, professional-looking banner, a sign to spin, a price sign, a money box to decorate, a sales pad to record quantities/prices, and a 20-page business planner. These planners are amazing! Using the lemonade stand as an example, the planner starts with 3 recipes and tips for a quality product. There is a chart for quantities needed for a first time seller, an experienced seller and a master seller. One page has the seller record the cost of lemons, sugar, cups and other necessities which leads to finding your profit margin per cup sold. Learn about getting the word out and where to place your stand with lots of clever tips to get attention and be safe. Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! Learn how to be a salesperson. It even gives sample dialogues to help kids talk to customers. Once you are done with your sale, there is a page to record your expenses and revenue (great vocabulary words!) So, what to do with your profits? Learn about saving, investing, donating and spending that money. The Charity Bake Sale and Concession Stand include similar items, but specific to the task. Babysitting kit includes an instructions pad, sitter's report pad, client book, business cards, kid postcards (to keep track of your wards,) kid stickers, a sitter tote bag and a specific business planner guide book. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting includes business cards, pet instructions pad, services menu, receipt pad, client book and a specific business planner guide book. What a fantastic lesson for kids of all ages! It is a good way for children to learn that they can take something they like to do and make money at it. I think these would be great for a summer project or even to give as a birthday or holiday gift. ~Sara

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