Memoria Press Geography III

Memoria Press has expanded on their geography for middle grades and now offers this comprehensive world geography course for high school students. It opens with a broad overview of all aspects of geography, both physical (cartography/topography/meteorology) and human (cultural/economic/political/historical). The student text is divided into 9 units: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Central/South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa/the Middle East/Central Asia, South/East Asia, and the Pacific Islands/Australia/Antarctica. The book is full of great information, maps and black & white photos and illustrations (121 pp with accent bits of blue). I didn't find any examples here of favoring any religion over another. The student workbook is consumable and has comprehension questions for each unit (short answer) and maps to label with not only countries/capitals but also rivers/mountains/oceans. A review of US geography where students list capitals and identify states on a map. An appendix has a project where students are drawing a world map themselves and labeling it thoroughly. Additional project ideas are great for an ambitious student and are listed in back. Most involve further research and writing. An interesting chart of 8 major world religions helps students keep track of details that can easily get confused. The teacher guide has all answers to the student workbook in context (so the teacher can see the question too). Reproducible maps (21) are great for students to practice again and again. Unit tests have maps to label, fill in the blanks, & short answer (2-3 sentences) and there is a comprehensive final exam. Test answers are in the back. Lesson plans are for twice a week, for 30 weeks, coming up a little shy for a high school credit. You may have to add a few interesting biographies, writing assignments, and additional student research, but the framework is all here for you! Tests & quizzes are reproducible, making this a great co-op or classroom option. ~ Sara

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Grades: 7-9
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