Walking With Jesus (Noah Plan)

A satisfyingly solid study! Just a little bit on the unusual side, this course from the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) is part of the Noah Plan® a system of study that views the Bible as a reader. This publication integrates the B-a-R (Bible as Reader) techniques and strategies directly into the text. The companion Teacher Planner Charts (found on the CD) provides weekly lesson plans that illustrate and guide the teacher through the task of tackling a Principle Approach to Bible study. If you're unfamiliar with that approach, here is how FACE explains it in correlation with their program: the "Principle Approach has been called 'reflective teaching and learning.' It is America's historic method of Biblical reasoning which places the Truths (or principles) of God's Word at the heart of education. Students are taught to think and reason from principles and leading ideas using The Notebook Method to Research, Reason, Relate and Record."

The Student Handbook provides a synopsis and overview of the lesson, outline discussion and notebook work for each Scripture reading assignment. To give you an idea of the lesson structure: the handbook provides a short (three paragraph) introduction to Matthew 10 and a lesson that illustrates how Jesus' disciples were taught by him. The Discussion and Notebook Work for this lesson instructs the student to record the memory verse, to practice memory verses to recite at the end of the week, complete a word map for disciple, write a summary from the reading of how Jesus equipped the twelve disciples, and, finally, write a paragraph about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. The Teacher Planner CD guides the teacher in checking understanding of disciple (the word map) and reading/discussing Matthew 10:1-4. Obviously the creation of a notebook is an important aspect of this course. Both the Handbook and the Teacher Planner provide information on how to build the notebook. Lessons from the Student Handbook are not lengthy but do require the student to dig into the material rather than answering only content questions. There are four units (The Immediacy of Christ, Old Testament History, Wisdom Literature/Prophecy, and New Testament History) with 9 weeks of lessons in each unit. The last lesson per unit covers Bible geography. The Teacher Planner CD provides 80 pages of helps. There is some introductory information (how to assess, grading, conducting discussions, notebook methodology, etc.) but the bulk of the pages are the weekly Bible and Reading Lesson Charts and a collection of printable graphic organizers (cause/effect, concept/definition map, cyclical organizer, etc.). The Lesson Charts include sections for Themes & Principles, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Writing. There are also printable worksheets that can be inserted directly into the notebook.

All the information in this program indicates the publisher considers it a fourth grade program. However, their website lists it as 4-6 and, personally, I'm very comfortable adding the extra grades. The methodology of this program might be foreign to some students and thus, take a while to get used to. Once that's accomplished, you'll be pleased with the depth of the course. 160 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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