Decimal Squares

The makers of Fraction Bars have designed a manipulative to help students who might struggle with the decimals concept. A deck of 57 Decimal Squares provides a visual manipulative for tenths, hundredths, and thousandths and are made of flexible vinyl. Square cards are color-coded (tenths/pink, hundredths/green, thousandths/tan) and come with a simple instruction page and a few teaching suggestions. The set can be used to reinforce the concepts being taught in your math curriculum or use with the Teacher Guide to really focus on decimals. The Teacher's Guide is divided into seven sections - basic concepts, equality, inequality, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Each section is then divided into two-page lessons that include illustrations and text. The lessons have three sections - readiness, which lists the purpose, materials needed and games played in this lesson; teacher modeling/student response is where you find the instruction for activities; expanding the concepts includes expansion activities for the concept; and independent practice/evaluations is the final section that includes practice and evaluations from the Teacher Resource Package. There are reproducible blacklines for blank decimal squares, grids, number lines, and place value tables found at the back of the Teacher's Guide. A thorough explanation of the lesson components (that you will want to read before beginning) is found at the front of the book. The Teacher Resource Package is a manila folder that contains 139 reproducible blackline worksheets. Activity worksheets, tests, and answer sheets are included and correspond to the seven topics or concepts in the teacher guide. There are seven tabbed dividers in the set for organized storage, along with some record-keeping forms for student progress.

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