Math Finders

Math puzzles are a great way for children to practice their math facts, and this series can provide hours of mysterious fun. What do you need to work on - addition and subtraction or multiplication and division? There is a beginner and advanced level for each combination. The beginner level of addition and subtraction offers single-digit problems, while the advanced offers practice up through 12. Beginner level multiplication and division offers practice up through the 9 facts and advanced offers practice up through the 12 facts. Each puzzle is an adventure maze - students begin at the arrow and choose the correct numbers to complete simple equations in the pattern to make their way through the maze. Each puzzle brings you one step closer to solving the mystery that is presented within the theme. One puzzle is on each page and there are 35 puzzles in each book. The Haunted Amusement Park covers beginner Multiplication/Division; Alien Encounter covers advanced. The Ghost and the Ruby covers beginner Addition/Subtraction; One Knight too Many covers advanced. Sharpen your math skills and your critical thinking all at the same time with this great series from MindWare. The publisher even lets you copy for family and classroom use (up to 100 copies). ~ Donna

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Grades: 3-AD
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