Counters (Teacher Created Resources)

Counters are a math manipulative you can use to demonstrate addition & subtraction, patterns & sequencing, and sorting & counting. While the teddy bears are cute and familiar, why not mix it up a bit! How about flip flops, lobsters/sailboats/anchors/whale/lighthouses/sharks, and really cute bears in 3 sizes? The bears can be used them for weighing because 1 large=1 medium+1 small. Each set has 5 colors: red, yellow, lime green, lavender, and a light-ish blue. The sandals set (flip-flops) includes 15 each of left and right, so you can have kids make pairs. As a crafty sort of person, I wanted to glue magnets to the back of the sandals and put them on fridge, or just scatter them on a table for summer décor! Each bag has 30 counters (about 1.5" x 1" depending on the shape). ~ Sara

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