Practical Spelling

We expect solid, useful, and inexpensive curriculum from our Amish publishers and this spelling program does not disappoint. The Student Books are consumable and look like something our grandparents might have used in school typed pages, no pictures, decent paper quality and softbound, stapled covers. To our graphics-intensive trained eyes, these might look "sparse," but dont be too quick to judge. Instruction is to the point, word selection is based on phonics principles and usage topics (i.e. fruits/vegetables, cooking terms, etc.), reinforcement activities are traditional and varied. The result is an extremely inexpensive, get-the-job-done-well program. Each "unit" is a weekly lesson 36 for each year. The number of weekly words vary with the grade level. Grade 2 has 10-11. Grade 3 has 12- 13 words; Grade 4 has 14-15; Grade 5 has 18; Grade 6 - 8 have 20. There is a review lesson every six weeks. Most of the work up to the weekly test can be done by the student working independently. The Teacher Books provide answers, spelling lists (in a different order from the students book), and sentences for dictation or examples. Grades 2-7 Teacher Books are full-size reproductions of the student books with answers filled in. The Grade 8 Teacher Key is a half-sized books with answers only, but when our stock on the current version runs out, it will transition to a full-size book as well. ~ Janice

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Grades: 8-9
Our Price: $3.50
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