Biblical Hebrew

Here is a high school level, Christian course for lifelong learning from God's word designed for families and schools. Students learn to read scripture in Hebrew. The course will take 2 years when using the primer as year 1, the equivalent of 2 high school foreign language credits. In Year 1, your student will use the primer as a text and the annotations as the teacher guide, which includes an audio CD of 11 traditional Hebrew songs. Show & Tell is a DVD supplement to the primer and has stories from history and tradition with photos of places, wildlife in Israel, Biblical sites, art and artifacts, pronunciation of each lesson and an audiovisual flashcard review. A copywork book is also used at level 1 and works on translation as well as writing. Year 2 has a text, workbook, and workbook answer key. You will use the songs from level 1 in level 2. While I cannot read any Hebrew, I can tell there is grammar and vocabulary in both levels as you would find in any foreign language, working towards fluency. I like the audio component for pronunciation since it opens up the language to those who may not already know some Hebrew. The primer begins with the alphabet and shows how the characters evolved from Egyptian symbols in some cases. Letter names are spelled out in a way that makes them easy to pronounce and writing practice is part of every lesson. This is really interesting and would add something more to studying scripture. ~ Sara

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