College of the Redwoods Pre-Algebra

An interesting - and potentially very economical - option for pre-algebra! College of the Redwoods Pre-algebra Textbook is an easy to use course that is well laid out and offers a logical sequence of arithmetic skills necessary for algebra. The text covers whole numbers, integers, fundamentals of algebra, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, percent and graphing. Topics are covered repeatedly to ensure that the student remembers how to apply concepts within equations using different types of numbers: equations with whole numbers, equations with fractions, equations with decimals. The black and white text is almost 600 pages with a softcover and the price is very affordable. Every chapter is chock full of examples for the presenting concept. For each example a You Try It section offers the student one practice problem; the answer is on the same page for these problems. A longer practice exercise is found at the end of each section with answers immediately following. This longer exercise may have 30 or more problems in it, but they are divided into smaller sections so you could do them as shorter assignments.

The Solutions Manual offers step-by-step solutions for every other problem (all odd-numbered problems) found in the textbook. These are solutions for the exercises at the end of each section, not for the You Try It problems.

This text is also available as a free, online PDF version (search for College of the Redwoods Pre-Algebra). The PDF document includes both the text and the solution manual. Students can read from the document and then either print worksheets or copy problems. When you look at the number of pages found in the PDF documents, you may not want to print them out - that is why there are also printed books available.

Memoria Press provides support material. The Lesson Plans are day-by-day, weekly checklists of material from the text to cover. Quizzes and Tests provides two to four quizzes and a test for each chapter, plus a semester cumulative test and a final exam. The Quizzes and Tests Answer Key provides the quizzes and tests forms with answers supplied. ~ Janice/Donna

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