Math SparkNotes Study Cards

Sparknotes cards provide a very thorough study tool for use with any of your math curriculum. Use them for review of math terms and concepts, introduction to new topics or for test preparation. You can use them to quiz yourself or quiz a friend. Each 2" x 3" card in the set of 600 cards (200 in Calculus) has an equation, definition, question, fill-in-the-blank, or math problem to be solved or worked out. On the reverse, you will find the answer, explanation or diagram. The front of the card is printed in blue and the reverse is printed in black to help you keep the cards organized. The concept area is printed at the bottom of each card. This will help students choose the correct cards for study purposes. If you're looking for a ready-made study tool for math, these are affordable and thorough. Ignite your math memory with Sparknotes. ~ Donna

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