Sylvan Learning Math Flash Cards

You'll have to rethink your definition of "flashcards" after seeing these sets. Most flashcards typically provide drill - problems are presented via the cards and a student works through a group of cards building speed and accuracy. You might think of these cards as problem mastery. Each set provides 240 problems representative of grade level skills - for instance, the 5th grade set covers decimals, fractions, percents, and geometry. Each set has cards in four levels of difficulty; each card identifying both the level and the specific skill. Students practice through the problems on one level and when mastered progress to the next level. The (unlaminated) cards are horizontally oriented, 5" x 3," with rounded corners. They're also color coordinated with all cards from one grade level having the same color edging. The answer to each card problem is on the back. The card box itself is handy with a flip top for easy access and a gauge marked on the side which provides encouragement as partway goals are met (student places mastered cards in the back of the box). Developed by the Sylvan Learning Center, these card sets are an excellent way to review and make sure students have mastered the basic math skills from a particular grade level. ~ Janice

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