Sports Math

Let's be honest, sometimes boys (or girls!) don't find math appealing or practical and maybe, we as teachers/parents, fail to show them the value of math in the real world. What could be more exciting than applying math concepts to sports? These new supplemental workbooks offer children the opportunity to apply math and critical thinking skills to real life activities and situations. One benefit of these workbooks are that the activities and projects are not grade specific but rather have been designed to meet the individual skills and aptitudes of middle school students of various abilities. The included projects offer more open-ended questions and may require additional research at the library (or online). Each soft cover book contains over 60 activities/projects and the answer key (no solutions). Recommended for the topical Amanda Bennett Unit Study Adventure curriculum and aligns to Common Core Standards. Student worksheets are reproducible for classroom use. Guaranteed WIN for the sports loving child in your family or classroom! 104 pgs, sc. ~Deanne

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