Media Literacy

The goal of these workbooks is to teach students how to think critically and judge media messages, especially visual media messages. You will examine media tricks, slogans, jingles, stereotypes, positive & negative messages, clear & hidden messages, and propaganda in the media. Learn about various types of media: print, art, picture, sound, combination and digital. Students will chart all forms of media they see in a week. There are 59 interesting and varied activities in each book. Students will look at their favorite song and write about what it is they like about it. They will design packaging that is appealing and write about why it is attractive to a certain age group. Younger students (K-1) will learn to recognize various media-related vocabulary words and how to look at advertising and decide if it is being directed to boys or girls. They draw pictures and circle answers, so not a lot of writing for the littles. Answers are in the back. Aligns to Common Core Standards (but is still interesting even if you aren't concerned with CCS.) 80pp ~ Sara

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