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Bright colorful pages, solid progression of skills, and an affordable price point as well as a certificate of completion plus both activity and rewards stickers. It's hard to imagine what more you could want in a skills practice series. These pleasant and engaging workbooks have a nice variety of worksheets, and there's also occasional instruction for the parent as well as suggestions for ongoing learning experiences. The skills progress through the series parallels a typical elementary scope and sequence. For instance, Numbers 1-10 (K1), Numbers 1-20 (K2), Addition (L1), Subtraction (L1), Addition/Subtraction (L2), Multiplication (L2), and Addition/Subtraction (L3), and Multiplication/Division (L3). A visual identification scheme through the series - the same animal being featured on the cover of each book in a particular level - adds familiarity. By the way, don't let the K1 and K2 designation confuse you. They could correspond either to a K4 and K5 progression or a K (first semester) and K (second semester) progression depending on the age and ability of your student. A complete answer key is included. 80 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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