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Kids love stickers, and there are a lot of great sticker books out there. But, as the mother of a nearly four-year-old and a two year-old, I've also discovered that kids have trouble getting stickers out of most sticker books, asking for Mom or Dad's help every time they want to remove a sticker (this is especially fun in church). Bubbles workbooks from School Zone are a little easier for them to work with, as all of the stickers are colored circles, and are found in the very center of the workbook. Each page is illustrated with bold, colorful graphics, with gray circles left where children add a circle sticker. The same stickers are used throughout the book, so as long as the child knows a red sticker from a blue sticker, they can easily complete the page. Basic color, number, size and fine motor skills are emphasized throughout the series. Where Do I Belong? simply asks the child to use stickers of one color to complete the picture. How Big Am I? has two sizes of circles: large and small that children use to complete the picture (e.g., large and small yellow stickers). Find and Count! uses only one color of stickers on each page, but indicates how many stickers they will need (such as "9 green stickers"), Find the Colors! asks children to use two different colored stickers to complete each picture (say, 5 green and 5 yellow). Each workbook holds 16 activity pages, plus stickers. - Jess

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