BluTrack Toy Car Tracks

On your mark Get set Go! BluTrack is different from other toy car racetracks because it's customizable. It's flexible, so you can arrange it how you'd like: down the couch, over a book, with a couple loops, or whatever your mind can dream up. There are no small parts, no batteries to mess with, and it's durable. Dual lanes (1.5 inches wide each, total track width of 3.75 inches) let you go head-to-head as you race through the courses you make. The 15-ft. set includes a track stiffener for stabilization or connecting loops. Both the 15- and 7-ft. sets include a hanger pad and suction cup, so you can start your track high up and let gravity give them a good launch. Race away! Chad

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Item # 026714
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $17.00
Our Price: $14.50
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