Intro to Computers & Information Technology

Get a firm, broad foundation in 21st century computer skills. Students will learn essential computer skills while engaging in critical thinking and skills-application projects. There are three essential areas covered in this 1-credit course. Computing Fundamentals teaches hardware/software basics, input/output devices, storage, operating systems, peripherals and storage devices, and an intro to programming. Applications covers necessary app skills: word processing, spreadsheets, database, graphics, presentations, and multimedia (requires Microsoft 2008 or above). Communications and Networks covers most recent advancements, starting with devices. Learn about network technology, properly using email, social networking, and using internet information. Also learn critical topics such as privacy, ethics, cybercrime, online bullying, and data protection. Course requires the Student and Teacher books. Note: the IC3 certification online training materials referenced are NOT available for homeschoolers.

The user-friendly Student text provides 36 lessons. Each chapter includes objectives, key terms, goals for reading, and a chapter review focusing on vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, and extension activities. The text includes a 156-page, handy reference of key skills needed for completing book activities in all Windows software skills, keyboarding essentials, and web page development/computer programming. Use these tools for reminders and quick help. Also includes a detailed index and glossary. The Teachers Manual includes options for adapting material for advanced and less advanced students and ELL learners, as well as ways to integrate computer skills throughout the students other subject areas. Youll find discussion questions, sample answers to the features, assessment tips, support for activities, and answer keys for all student workbook projects and activities. TM 376 pgs, pb, student 721 pgs, hc. ~ Ruth

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