Home Economics for Children

Vintage. I might have thought this series was a reprint from the 1950s but no! It just looks and feels that way. Ask me how I know? The sewing book mentions polar fleece which first appeared in 1979. The effect is delightful. The books are hardcover and the many full-color illustrations date from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Instructions are simple and surprisingly thorough (for age/grade level). The projects/recipes are ones that children can easily complete with some supervision, and they'll want to! The amount of help needed will vary with the project and age of child, of course, but the books are written to be shared and are an excellent framework for spending quality time together cultivating useful skills. Recipes list the ingredients and simple instructions (i.e. toss with flour, sift, add, gently fold, spoon batter, and bake for blueberry muffins). Gardening projects likewise are straight-forward, requiring only basic hand-eye coordination and dexterity (i.e. roll several layers of paper towel into a cylinder and place inside a jar. Tip and roll the jar around so that the towel sticks to the inside of the jar. .. .) Sewing projects are all hand-sewing and gently increase in difficulty as the child becomes familiar with needles, thread, etc. This is a darling set of books that will appeal to families looking to share simpler times with their children - or maybe the basis for quality time with grandma. 150 pgs, hc. ~ Janice

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