Secular Packages with Saxon Math (No Religious Content)

Our Secular Packages retain the neutral resources from our Starter Packages (such as All About Reading, Saxon Math, and Story of the World) while replacing others with the addition of neutral or secular materials.

  • Language Arts: First Language Lessons is added for grades 2-3, as well as Essentials in Writing/Literature at the upper levels. G.U.M. Drops, Spelling Workout, Ready Readers and Zaner-Bloser Handwriting are also included to round out language arts.
  • Social Studies: History is world focused in elementary, with Story of the World (Grades 1-4) and History Quest (Grades 5-6). Grades 7-8 add geography tools to the US History Detective series.
  • Science: Includes Science Odyssey or Exploring the Building Blocks of Science depending on grade level with Friendly Physical Science for 8th grade.

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Grades: K
Retail: $502.90
Our Price: $379.95
Item # RBW1SP
Grades: 1
Retail: $679.06
Our Price: $474.95
Item # RBW2SP
Grades: 2
Retail: $703.61
Our Price: $499.95
Item # RBW3SP
Grades: 3
Retail: $686.00
Our Price: $424.95
Item # RBW4SP
Grades: 4
Retail: $640.61
Our Price: $434.95
Item # RBW5SP
Grades: 5
Retail: $722.75
Our Price: $499.95
Item # RBW6SP
Grades: 6
Retail: $754.42
Our Price: $514.95
Item # RBW7SP
Grades: 7
Retail: $735.18
Our Price: $528.95
Item # RBW8SP
Grades: 8
Retail: $670.51
Our Price: $509.95
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