Head for Home Math

This is the only series of math workbooks of which I am aware that offers practice for multiple levels of learners in first through sixth grades. Each book is a colorful, non-reproducible 64-page workbook filled with independent math practice for struggling, on-level, and advanced learners. Novice (struggling learners) has ten lessons while Intermediate (on-level learners) and Advanced each have twelve lessons. Each lesson includes an explanation of one skill and step-by-step instructions written to the student. All questions are in a multiple-choice or open-ended format for all three levels, and the answer key is at the back of the book. The lessons are different from level to level, so there is no overlap between the books at grade level. An example of this is at grade 1, lesson one - Novice offers a lesson on counting on to add; Intermediate does addition and subtraction within 20; Advanced practices the properties of addition and subtraction - associative, commutative and identity. By addressing students at their skill level within their grade, it becomes easier to help those who need help, offer additional practice to keep skills sharp and challenge those who might become bored with average grade-level work.

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