Embossed Paper Set

It's hard to impress me with a crafty item since I have tried just about everything artsy/crafty there is to try! These embossed papers are so cool and different that I was thinking of all the effects you could create with them using chalks, pastels, dry brush, wax shavings, crayons, watercolor pencils, or pretty much any media. Embossed means that the design is raised a little on a heavy paper so you can feel it when you run your hand over it. All sets (except FINE ART) come with 24, 6" square cards in 8 different designs (3 of each design.) Add these to a nature study or science lesson for a fun activity.

The fine art set has 16 larger cards (8x10") with 8 different designs including: Starry Night (VanGogh), Mona Lisa (DaVinci), American Gothic (Grant Wood), Three Musicians (Picasso), Japanese Bridge (Monet), The Scream (Munch), The Kiss (Klimt) and Dancer II (Degas.) ~ Sara

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Item # 015749
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $7.09
Our Price: $6.10
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