RightStart Geometry 2nd Ed. Level G

Level G of RightStart Math is an applied math that is designed to be more independent than previous levels of RightStart Math. Level G is a middle school curriculum with a focus on geometry that includes perimeter, area, volume, metric system, decimals, rounding numbers, ratio, proportion, parallel lines, angles, midpoints, triangle congruence, Pythagorean theorem, golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers, tessellations, Pick’s theorem, and fractals.

Students work independently in levels G and H of RightStart Math. Encouraging the good study habits of reading and then re-reading through the lessons, the student afterwards completes worksheets correlated to each lesson – usually 1 or 2 per lesson. Students are able to grade their own work using the solutions manual; in consultation with the “facilitator” (a.k.a. parent or teacher). Manipulatives are integral and used with both courses. Book Bundles include the Lesson Book, the Worksheets/Binder (with grade recording sheets and a games log), and the Solutions Manual. The Lesson Book provides 125 daily lessons, Reviews/Games after every ten lessons, and three Assessments. The consumable Worksheets are available for additional students. The Geometry New User Set is for those who have never used RightStart Math and are starting with either Level G or H. Items in this set are used in both courses. The Geometry Add-On Set is for those who have used RightStart and who have the 2nd Edition Manipulative Set (#046285).

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