Birth of Freedom

Christianity has been the greatest force for liberation and progress in human history, shares host Dave Stotts, who is well-known for his enthusiastic, engaging Drive-Thru History presentations. You will be captivated through these seven sessions that explore the Biblical roots of liberty and the significant impact a Judeo-Christian worldview has had on individual rights and freedom. Session 1 begins answering the philosophical question, "How is Freedom born?" Session 2, Quest for Political Freedom, explores the Ancient Greek democracy, Roman Republic experiment and the Constantine Christianity influence. Session 3, The Myth of the Dark Ages, examines the profound transformation that occurred during the Middle Ages. Session 4 explores the basic rights we have as an image bearer of God and includes a look at the moral culture of Gutenberg, Luther, Calvin and the American experiment. Session 5 introduces abolitionists from William Wilberforce to Abraham Lincoln. Session 6 tells the tale of the French and American Revolution from the influence of Christian and moral principles. In the concluding session, the impact of the belief system of relativism or religion is summarized.

Each video lesson ranges from 8-15 minutes in length. Bonus features include short video clips answering important questions about Christianity and freedom. On-screen discussion questions assist in the comprehension of material. Total running time is 130 minutes. The accompanying Participant's Guide is optional but provides background information, teaching notes, additional discussion questions and study questions and prayer points. A recommended reading resource list is also included. 72 pgs. PB. Non reproducible.

This would make an excellent study for any family with high school students to prepare them to withstand the revisionist history they will encounter in college. Youth groups and co-ops will also find this to be an excellent study for their young people. ~Deanne

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