The Piggy Story Artfolios & Art Kits

These lovely art supply holders make it easy not only to take your art basics on the road, but to do it in style. Each fully loaded organizer comes in several adorable patterns that may even appeal to Mom's fashion sense. ArtFolios are folding fabric cases (8 ½" x 6 ½" when folded) with a hook 'n loop closure and carrying handle. Open it up and you'll find 12 crayon-sized holders filled with crayons, although you could swap in your favorite pens or short paintbrushes as well (6" or under). The opposite side holds a 5 5/8" x 7 ½" Doodle Pad in a pocket, also available separately. If a doodle pad is too open-ended, you could also swap in a coordinating Little Activity Book of the same size, which features connect-the-dots, coloring, mazes, and stickers for more guided on-the-go fun. Little Picasso Art Kits start out the size of a large wallet (4 ¾" x 8") and unfolds to show 8 colored pencils, 8 markers, and a zippered pouch which holds a bottle of glitter glue, plastic scissors and a plastic pencil sharpener. The fabric is laminated for easy cleaning and you can swap out the included pencils and markers for your own favorite pens or brushes, as long as they are under 7". "Piggy Couture" versions are designed to appeal to slightly older girls with bright, sophisticated embossed patent leather instead of sweet, busy fabric prints.

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