Bonnets & Bugles Series

When the guns let loose a roar of thunder across the United and Confederate States, Jeff Majors and Leah Carter were only fourteen and thirteen. But war has a way of making youngsters grow up quickly - especially when best friends find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. Jeff is enlisted into the Confederate Army as a drummer, while Leah goes along with her father to help the Union Army and distribute Bibles among the troops. While the violence of battles like Gettysburg and Cold Harbor rages around them, life-changing battles of the soul are also being fought. Four years is a long time; how will their friendship fare over the years? This historical fiction series follows their families through the intense difficulties of the Civil War, over ten installments. Some romance is included, especially in the latter volumes. 127-183 pgs, pb.

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Grades: 3-7
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