MythBusters Science Fair Books

Adam and Jamie are the guys on television that blow things up, launch things, wreck things, hit things, and splat things just to see if common myths are true or not - they are the "MythBusters." Now it's your turn to test some popular hypotheses to see if they are myth or fact.

These books are a collection of more than 40 of the MythBusters projects that can be safely done at home. These projects can be used for science fair, science curriculum supplementation, or just for fun. Use the scientific method to explore different qualities of colas, popcorn, and milk; make an electroscope; test for bacteria; and much more. Each project shows a list of needed materials, step-by-step instructions with illustrations, and a "what happened" section which explains what should have happened in the project. See what is true and what is myth, test some hypotheses, and have some fun as you become a "MythBuster." ~ Donna

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