SAT 2400: Aiming for the Perfect Score

SAT preparation books are well known for their practical tips, pointers, and practice tests. But what if you have a student who already scores well on the practice tests and wants more of a challenge? Look no further! Providing select and inspired strategies which focus on the SAT’s hardest questions, this book will ‘push’ your student to the finish line. Providing questions from each level of the SAT (even the higher levels), detailed explanations to all the questions, and additional “2400 Club Strategies” to equip students for success in the critical reading section, essay writing and the trickier math problems, this book takes SAT preparation to the next level. Using memorable acronyms, these focused strategies will help develop skills and confidence for success. Upper level vocabulary list suggests the study of one word list a day to keep average scores away and references the more challenging words used in the hard questions found on the May 2011 SAT test.

Available with or without a CD-ROM, which provides 1 SAT practice test plus 50 more challenging questions. 385 pgs, pb. CD-ROM requirements: MS Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP. Deanne

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Grades: 10-12
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