Water Magic Splash Cards

I was able to test out this product, and may have spent way too much time playing with the pen and cards. Here are my observations: the pen holds a small amount of water, but it is enough to color all of the cards 1.5 times! The pen does not leak water, helpful to know if you want to use these in a car. The pen has a scented top end, but it is not especially true to an orange smell and is very mild in my opinion. The cards measure 4” x 5” and have a nice color palette of mostly green, purple and orange. One side has the revealed-by-water design and the letter/number shown at the bottom. The other side shows the letter/number and asks a question such as: What other animals start with the letter R? Rhinoceros, Reindeer. Those are fun words to know! The plastic book ring seems sturdy. This is a clean and quiet activity for the little learner. ~Sara

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Item # 073053
Grades: PK-3
Retail: $8.80
Our Price: $8.36
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