Anatomy for Artists

Drawing the human figure is a challenge even to the best artists, and the better the artists' understanding of anatomy, the more realistically he or she can capture the human form. These DVDs provide a helpful visual reference - and a great amount of anatomy information - for the student who is serious about accurately depicting the human form. Both DVDs feature male models (clad in swimwear) with good muscle definition demonstrating a variety of body structures and specific movements, with discussion of each highlighted anatomy topic by host Larry Withers. Human Form Revealed focuses on learning the muscles, bones and structures of the human body by area. Each segment runs about five minutes and examines: the axial skeleton, neck, shoulder, upper arm and elbow, lower arm and hand, midsection, hips, thigh/knee and lower leg/foot. Structures in these areas are examined through detailed, vintage anatomy drawings, paintings/illustrations, and use of the live model. Specific visual characteristics of interest to the artist are highlighted as you examine each area. 52 minutes. Man in Motion looks at the human body as it engages in a variety of different activities, including running, jumping, kicking, pulling, and lifting. DVD chapters include: Major Sections of the Body, How the Bones Work, How Muscles Work, and the Relationship between Balance and Movement. Live models, different camera angles and still-frames provide lots of examples to examine and draw. 62 minutes. Although a great tool for artists, these DVDs would also make a nice visual supplement to an anatomy course, especially as you can really appreciate how the body works through motions, which is hard to do in a still photo. - Jess

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