Scholastic Phonics Flash Cards

Add these cards to your phonics curriculum or just use them for an introduction - great for visual learners. These sets from Scholastic are economical for any budget. Each card is 3x5.25", rounded corners, and glossy finish on the front and flat finish on the back. The photos on these cards are bright and colorful.

Word Families includes 56 word family photo cards. On the glossy front of the card is a photo and the word for that photo, the reverse is a list of words from that word family - picture of a ball and the word 'ball' on the front, and this list on the reverse - all, call, fall, hall, tall, wall. Three activity cards are included with suggestions for use. The Phonics set includes 54 phonics photo cards with word lists and four activity cards. Each photo card has a photo with the word below it and the phoneme being emphasized underlined on the front of the card, and the back shows the sound being emphasized with a list of words. For example, there is a photo of a bed and the word bed below the photo. The reverse says 'short e' and a list below - desk, help, leg, nest, ten. Either of these sets would be an affordable addition to your curriculum. ~ Donna

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Grades: PK-1
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